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Confined Space Equipment Sales

Confined Space Fall Arrest Harness

The Classic Confined Space Entry Harness is designed for Fall Arrest and Restraint applications, as well as confined space entry. It features a rear ’D’ ring for fall arrest, 2 x side ’D’ rings for restraint and 2 x ’D’ rings including spreader bar on the shoulder straps for vertical lift and rescue in confined spaces.

Product Number : 229522    Confined Space Fall Arrest Harness c/w Spreader Bar
Product Number : 229522-HO    Confined Space Fall Arrest Harness Less Spreader Bar
Product Number : 229522-SB    Spreader Bar for Confined Space Harnesses

Gravity Crossover

The Gravity Crossover Harness is a multipurpose full body Fall Arrest Harness. Featuring a unique crossover design, the narness is suitable for Fall Arrest from both rear and front ’D’ rings. Restraint, Ladder Climbing, controlled descent and rescue.

Product Number : 10034810    Standard
Product Number : 10034811    Small
Product Number : 10034812    Large

Gravity Tower/Rescue

The Gravity Tower Harness. Designed originally with the electrical and telecommunications industries in mind, this universal harness with padded saddle is raising the levels in Harness comfort. Add to this a padded waist belt and you have the ultimate in versatility for workers in all industries.

Product Number : 10034816    Standard
Product Number : 10034817    Xsmall
Product Number : 10034818    Small

Pole Workers Belt

The MSA FP Pole Workers Belt is a simple yet comfortable design manufactured exclusivley for the user working in a restrained fall arrest position on the pole. It features a padded adjustable waist belt and comfortable buttock strap with 2 x side ’D’ rings for pole strap attachment.

Product Number : 229251    Line Workers Pole Belt - add L to p/no for large size

Pole Straps

The MSA FP Pole Strap range features heavy duty 44mm polyester webbing with an 800mm protective outer sheath. All versions feature the same unique easy adjuster as featured on the Classic Quick Fit Harnesses. The FP Pole Straps are available with either forged steel or alloy double action swap hooks, in blue or red webbing.

Product Number : 229601    Pole Strap web c/w adjustor and forged steel d/action hooks 2.0mt
Product Number : 229602    Pole Strap web c/w adjuster and forged steel d/action hooks 2.5mt
Product Number : 229603    Pole Strap web c/w adjustor and forged steel d/action hooks 3.0mt

Miners Belts

MSA has a range in excess of 25 variations in miners belts. Features include back supports in varying lengths and widths. Many and varied configurations of connecting hardware, adjusters and D rings. Sizes from Small through to XXXLarge, with and without braces. Consult SYSTAG for your specific requirements.

Restraint Lines

Available in various lengths and attachment hardware.

Product Number : 229701-2.0   

Shock Absorbing Lanyards

The Dyna-Brake Shock Absorbing Lanyard range features : Strong & Durable polyster rope or webbing, Rip Stitch technology to keep fall arrest forces below 6kN. Available in single or twin leg configurations

Product Number : 10007011    Rope Lanyard Assembly 2.0mt
Product Number : 10008369    Webbing lanyard assembly 2.0mt
Product Number : 10014733    Adjustable Web Lanyard Assembly

Adjustable Fall Restraint Lines

Rope Adjuster for 12mm rope. Typically used in roof work situations. Specify rope length when ordering.

Product Number : 229701C    Specify Length
Product Number : 229070E    Rope Adjuster

Temporary Rope System

c/w non removable rope grab device for 12mm poly rope. Temporary vertical restraint system.

Product Number : 229702C    Specify Length

Temporary Ladder Cable System

8mm cable vertical restraint system for ladder climbing protection. System length required for pricing.

Product Number : SFPLS353    Temporary
Product Number : 229608CG    Sleeve Part

Rope Grab Removable

For use on wire rope 10mm in diameter

Product Number : 10016211   

Rope Grab Stainless Steel Removable 16-20mm

For use on polyester or kern mantle ropes up to 20mm in diameter

Product Number : 229213RG-1   

Rope Grab Stainless Steel Removable 16-20mm

For use on 12mm polyester rope

Product Number : 229214RG

Self Retracting Lanyards

The MSA DynaLock Self Retracting Lanyards (SRL) are fast acting fall arresters that limit free fall distance, deceleration distance and fall arrest forces while allow user freedom of movement. The DynaLock SRL is ideal for climign applications where vertical mobility is needed. The DynaLock SRL has a maximum arrest distance of only 410mm. A built in shock absorber limites fall arrest forces to under 4kN. Complies with AS/NZS 1891.3:1997

Product Number : 506202    DynaLock SRL Galvanised Wire Rope 10mt
Product Number : 506204    16mt
Product Number : 506206    22mt

Lynx Rescuer, Field Resettable Model with Lockout

Self Retracting Lanyard with emergency retrieval capabilities. User is able to reset device from retrieval mode to fall arrest mode. The easies, quickest field reset mechanism on the market. Same unit can be used in the field and for training situations. Lock feature with key allows more control over who can reset unit to fall arrest mode. Confined space entry provides fall arrest and emergency lifting and lowering.

Product Number : 10011744   

Lynx Hoist

Personnel/material lifting and lowering hoist with side mount bracket, emergency drive and airdrive adaptor. Includes an internal shock absorber for reduction in forces should an impact load occur.

Product Number : 10016569    Lynx Hoist Galv. Steel cable 16mt
Product Number : 10016567    Lynx Hoist s/steel cable 16mt
Product Number : 10016568    Lynx Hoist Galv. Steel cable 32mt

Dynevac II Field Resettable Model

Field Resettable Dynevac II features : Self Retracting Lanyard with emergency retrieval capabilities. Allows user to reset device from retrieval mode to fall arrest mode. Same unit can be used in the field and for training situations. Provides fall arrest and emergency lifting and lowering for confined space entry. Has same proven resue system as the original Dynevac. Available in 50 foot and 95 foot lengths.

Product Number : 506232    Dynevac Mounting Bracket to Tripod - 16mt Unit
Product Number : 506216    Dynevac Mounting Bracket to Tripod - 30mt unit

Lynx Boom Mount Hoist

Product Number : 10016681    Boom mount c/w emergency drive & air drive adaptor
Product Number : 10016680    Boom mount c/w emergency drive and air drive adaptor s/steel cable 32mt

MSA FP Rescue Utility System

The MSA FP Rescue Utility System incorporates all the features professionals have come to expect from a first class rescue system. The system is primarily used for raising and lowering people or equipment in rescue and industrial work access and is ideal for confined space applications.

Product Number : SRS15-0    MSA FP Rescue Utility System 15mt Travel
Product Number : SRS20.0    MSA FP Rescue Utility System 20mt Travel
Product Number : SRS25.0    MSA FP Rescue Utility System 25mt Travel

Rescue Safe Rope Rescue System

This universal system is designed for raising and lowering people in rescue and industrial work access and is ideal for confined space applications. The Rescue Safe Rope System features : Overspeed locking brake. Hande ascender for aiding the operation and fail safe brake. Anchor strap and karabiners (2). 3:1 or 4:1mechanical advantage.

Product Number : 229090    Size for 3:1 ratio
Product Number : 229485    Size for 4:1 ratio

Lynx Tripod

Product Number : 10022050    8’ working height
Product Number : 10022051    10’ working height

David Arm & Base

Designed to accept both the Lynx & Dynevac range of devices with the appropriate mounting bracket.

Product Number : 506613/14    Davit Arm & Base


Stanchion Davit Arm Surface Mounting

Product Number : 4159531    Stanchion Davit Arm for I-Beam Mounting
Product Number : 415954    Stanchion Davit Receptacle for I-Beam Mounting


Vertical Davit Arm Ladder Mount

Product Number : 506668    Vertical Davit Arm Ladder Mount
Product Number : 506667    Vertical Davit Arm Receptacle

Push-Pull Davit Arm Ladder Mount

Product Number : 415837    Push Pull Davit Arm


Controlled Descent Kits

These kits feature the Anthron Descender. It is most commonly used for suspended work positioning, self evacuation or rescue operations. The device utilizes a cam assembly that provides friction on the rope to hold a load or allow the rope to descent at a controlled rate. In most applications the Anthron operator attaches the rope end to an apprvoed anchor and descends suspended from the device in an approved fall arrest/rescue harness. The Anthron Descender can also be inverted so that the device can be attached to an approved anchor and the rope end attached to an injured worker.

Product Number : 229680   

Rescue Pole/Remote Hook

The Rescue Pole/Remote Hook is designed as a rescue tool for the retrival of a worker suspended in a fall arrest system or for remote rescue access. In most cases, the need for the rescuer to go to the fallen worker (victim) is limited.

Product Number : 228558-3.6    Rescue Pole/Remote Hook Kit c/w 3.6m ext pole
Product Number : 228228-7.3    Rescue Pole/Remote Hook Kit c/w 7.3m ext pole

Dynescape Descender

The Automatic Dynescape Descender is a rescue and evacuation device designed to automatically lower the user to ground level from a height. A frictional brake governs the extraction of the wire rope to a maximum of 6 feet per second.

Product Number : 506416    Manual Dynescape Descender system includes 50’ rope, anchorage connector strap, karabiner, carry bag
Product Number : 415811    System with 100’ rope
Product Number : 415812    System with 150’ rope

Bridge Rescue Frame

The Bridge Rescue Frame is a portable emergency anchorage for retrieval of railway bridge workers from below the bridge deck. In most cases the worker cannot be lowered, therefore, the anchor point must be above the level of the bridge deck and positioned in such a way that retrieval is possible. Aluminium construction.

Product Number : SCE108001    Bridge Rescue frame, standard configuration
Product Number : SCE108015    Bridge Rescue frame, optional rail connector for tripod configuration


Designed for use on railroad and crane ASCE, ARA, and AREA rail sections between 85 and 136 lb/yd. Not to be used on headless harness.

Product Number : 506634    Railrider


Anchorage connector for use on railroad tracks between 85 and 136 lbs/yd

Product Number : 228251    Railslider

Latchways Ladderlatch Permanent Cable System

The Latchways LadderLatch Permanent Cable Systems are designed to provide fall protection when climbing or descending ladders or vertical structures. The flexibility of the design allows a system to be installed so that it follows the contours of the structure, including horizontal and inclined sections. The variety of mounting brackets allow for quick and easy installation to almost any type of structure. This allows the system to be installed by your own personnel; however, installation services are available from SYSTAG upon request.

Product Number : 3102L    LadderLatch unit (Travel Device)
Product Number : 30001-00    Top Anchor extension assembly c/w swage V-Xtenda
Product Number : 30002-00    Bottom Anchor assembly

DynaGlide Climbing Protection System

The DynaGlide is a rigid rail climbing system that can play an important role in your overall worker safety program. The DynaGlide Climbing Protection Systems are used to prevent and/or arrest falls from heights and also enhance the way a climber is able to perform the necessary work. Our systems can be mounted to already-installed ladders, to corners of lattice towers, and to almost any other suitably strong structure your crew needs to climb. Systems can be constructed to continuously protect climbers - whether they’re traveling vertically, horizontally, or around curves, corners or obstacles.

Product Number : 506312    Ungated Top End Stop
Product Number : 506274    Gated Top End Stop
Product Number : 506275    Gated Bottom End Stop

DynaLine Horizontal Lifeline

Designed for easy installation and removal, the Dyna-Line is a temporary horizontal lifeline system created for a wide range of applications. The system may be mounted to any suitable 22kN rated anchorage. The highly visible 12 strand red rope will not hockle and minimizes fall distance due to its low stretch properties. The system is available in a Single Worker or Two Worker System at 10m and 20m rope lengths, however lengths up to 50m are available through special order.

Product Number : 10013150    DynaLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline for Single Worker 10m
Product Number : 10013151    DynaLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline for Single worker 20m rope
Product Number : 10013152    DynaLine Temporary Horizontal Lifeline for Two Workers 10m rope



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