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SYSTAG is an authorised distributor and stockist for Rothenberger

The first priority with all ROTHENBERGER products is premium quality with price only a secondary consideration. Only the best quality raw materials are transformed into rugged, durable tools incorporating many unique design features for easy, comfortable use and an exceptionally long working life. It is little wonder that millions of satisfied users throughout the world consider ROTHENBERGER tools to be the best value at any price!

In addition to the ongoing improvement of existing and traditional products, ROTHENBERGER continue to develop brand new and often unique tools, machines and other technically advanced equipment. All new products are designed and fully tested to meet the latest requirements in handling new tube materials (and installation techniques) or provide time and labour saving solutions in conjunction with traditional pipe fitting, testing, inspection and maintenance operations.


Click to download Rothenberger Trade Catalogue 2007

Click to download the Rothenberger
2007 Trade Catalogue


Contact SYSTAG for Rothenbergs range of:

  • Wrenches & Pliers
  • Copper Tube Cutters
  • Steel Pipe Cutters and Plastic Pipe Cutters
  • Tools for Plastic Pipe Installation
  • Expanding Tools
  • Extracting, Flaring and Bending Tools
  • Soldering and Welding Equipment
  • General Tools
  • Pressure Testing Pumps
  • Pipe Freezing Equipment
  • Pipe & Drain Cleaning Equipment
  • Pipe & Drain Cameras
  • Threading and Roll Grooving EquipmentVices and Stands
  • Pipe Saws
  • Diamond Core Drilling Equipment




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