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SYSTAG is your fully trained SALA service agent in QLD and the NT.

SYSTAG has made a permanent commitment to all SALA height safety equipment owners in setting up our service centre here in Brisbane.

We now have dedicated service technicians employed to service the SALA fall arrest and height safety equipment.

This has ensured that our customers are now receiving a fast turn around of their SALA equipment with less down time.

A comprehensive service computer system is now in place with full traceability of the equipment, and full records of parts replaced and work done on each individual item.

The new system has an "Equipment Due Report" facility which will ensure that our customers are reminded when their equipment is due for service thus minimising the change of the equipment being found to be out of service in the field.

Our stock levels are being increased every week which is also contributing to keeping our turn around time down to a minimum.

SYSTAG is committed to providing a fast, reliable and cost effective solution to our customer's requirements in all areas of our capabilities.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with all your height safety and fall arrest equipment servicing.


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