Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus

MSA’s self-contained breathing apparatus systems are designed for long life and low maintenance. To meet every application and budget the long duration SCBAs can be configured according to individual requirements.

Based on its decades of experience, MSA has also developed four SCBA presets. These offer the ideal configuration for the most common applications. The allrounder preset “AirGo pro”, a high quality system for a wide range of applications. The preset “AirMaXX” offers optimum wearing comfort and technological sophistication for frequent and demanding use. “eXXtreme” is the optimal choice for  flash-over trainings. For occasional rescue and escape operations the “AirGo compact” provides superior protection in the low budget range.

The G1 fire service SCBA offers all available technology, such as telemetry, head-up display and voice amplification, in a highly integrated fashion.

The patented SingleLine air management system combines five features in just one hose. Another enhancement is the alpha Personal Network, a modular personal monitoring and alarm system with telemetric capabilities. The personal alert safety system motionSCOUT detects the cessation of bodily movement and offers manual alarm capabilities as well.

The versatile PremAire Combination respirator with its small size and low profile is ideal for working in confined spaces or tight places. MSA’s wide range of full face masks, demand valves, cylinders and various accessories complete the whole system.

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