Chemical Suits

Chemical Suits

ONESuit® Pro are the best value in protective suits which are certified to EN 943-1 (Reusable) and EN 943-2 (Limited Use).  The suits offer the highest level of protection against chemical and biological agents.  They significantly exceed the EN standard requirements for tensile strength, flex-cracking and puncture resistance.

While the ONESuit® Pro is not intended to be used in fires, the suit does offer superior flame resistance, providing maximum protection in the uncertainty of a real-world emergency situation.

Chemical Suit Specifications

• Certified to both EN 943-1 and EN 943-2. Tested to NFPA 1991 and 1994 Class 2
• Single-skin lightweight ensemble (< 5Kgs)
• Superior flame resistance
• Excellent abrasion, flex-cracking, and puncture resistant
• Ultra-compact for convenient, space-saving storage
• 10 year shelf life (lower life cycle cost)
• Coretech™ Barrier Membrane technology
• Suit versions include reusable industrial and limited use ET (emergency response) and CBRN versions

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