Confined Space Equipment & Working at Height Equipment

Confined Space Equipment & Working at Height Equipment

Confined Space Equipment & Working at Height Equipment

Systag Specialised Safety Equipment

Fall Protection – Your Best Investment to Prevent Confined Space Fatalities

Confined spaces represent a major health and safety risk for many workers. Recognising and planning appropriately for confined space works can mean the difference between a job well done or disaster.

Systag Confined Space

  • Entry/retrieval systems are designed for both fall arrest and lifting.  They are also designed for lowering rescue and work positioning applications.
  • They incorporate an anchorage connector, fall arrest component, a personnel and materials handling hoist and associated hardware to rig the system for use.
  • The system can be used for leading edge work, maintenance and entry/retrieval from manholes, tank cars, silos, tanks, vaults, pits, vats and other confined space applications.

Working At Height : Guidelines

  • Where possible, the workspace should be redesigned to minimise the need for people to work at height.
  • If working at height cannot be avoided, it is best to use the Passive Fall Protection Systems.
  • Use a work Positioning / Restraint System to prevent the user reaching a potential hazard.
  • Undertake the work using appropriate Fall Arrest Equipment to minimise the distance and force if a fall should occur.

Working at Height Equipment : Passive Fall Protection Systems

  • Guardrail Systems: Minimise risk by providing a barrier to the hazard while protecting more than one worker at a time
  • Walkway Systems: Create a level, anti-slip surface that keeps workers protected against potential fall hazards

Working & Height Equipment : Fall Restraint & Fall Arrest Systems

Engineered Systems

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