Gas Detection Portable

Emergency Response…
Emergency response crews face two basic challenges when entering dangerous
environments. They need to know if the air is acceptable for normal,  unprotected breathing and safe from potential explosions. Portable multigas
detectors can help meet this challenge.

A wide variety of gas detection equipment is available on the market today. Technology exists to meet almost any detection need from simple, single toxic gas detectors to portable analytical laboratories. However, one flexible product at the right price is the best choice for both daily use and emergencies. That product is the “multigas” detector: one unit that can sense several gases at the same time. Gas detection needs are expanding. Increasingly, fire services are being called on to handle situations where hazardous substances may be present and proper detection equipment is necessary.

The Basics

  • Portable multigas detectors come in many styles and configurations. In most cases, they can simultaneously detect three to five gases and alert the user when the gas exposure level becomes a concern. These detectors consist of multiple sensors in a single case. The electronics then change the sensor output into a numerical display showing the level of gas exposure. There are four basic types of portable gas sensors:
  • Catalytic
  • Electrochemical
  • Infrared
  • Photoionization Detectors

These sensors operate in different ways to enable them to detect certain gases. The two most common sensors are the catalytic and electrochemical sensors. Catalytic sensors detect flammable gases and electrochemical sensors
detect many toxic gases. Infrared sensors and PID sensors are designed to detect either special gases or especially low gas levels, which cannot be detected by the other two technologies.

MSA’s ALTAIR® Family by SYSTAG, A Smart Solution You Can Rely On

The real strength of our Portable Gas Detectors comes from our sensor technology that enables faster response. Save seconds on response time and save lives now with MSA’s range of gas detection instruments:

Single & Two Gas Detectors
ALTAIR®: Maintenance-free Single Gas Detector
ALTAIR® PRO: Durable Single Gas Detector
ALTAIR® 2X: Single Gas & Two-Gas Detector powered by MSA XCell® Sensors

Multigas Detectors
ALTAIR® 4X: Compact Multigas Detector powered by MSA XCell® Sensors
ALTAIR® 5X Wireless: Versatile Multigas Detector powered by MSA XCell® Sensors

System & Software
GALAXY® GX2: Easy-to-use, Automated Test System
MSA Link Pro Software: Easy and Proactive Gas Detection Fleet Management Program

With less time spent on calibration and bump tests, you save calibration gas, maintenance  costs, and in turn, save money.