Safety in Lifting

Safety in Lifting Products – Non-magnetic, self-aligning and Hands-free

Safety in lifting is an important consideration for Australian Work Health and Safety requirements in industry.

PlatycatSnatcher products are offering a simpler way of lifting heavy objects. Resulting in a safer way of lifting heavy objects.

Because they are designed for safety in lifting. The PlatycatSnatcher products sets a new standard in Australian workplace health and safety for confined spaces and hazardous areas. As these products are Certified to 1.1 tonne. They are  manufactured to the highest industry standard using quality Compliant Materials. Therefore making them the obvious choice in heavy listing solutions.

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Safety in Lifting Products

Using a lifting system that works with the universal laws of nature and physics, uses a the hands free, hook up and release semi-automatic system  that is non-magnetic and non-electric.

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