Air Quality Testing

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SYSTAG is certified to carry out Air Quality Testing to determine the quality of breathing air systems and other compressed air systems in accordance with Australian Standards. These include testing of diving air samples and industrial breathing air systems, such as air hoods used for spray painting, airline systems with face masks used in confined spaces and breathing apparatus systems. 

On-site testing is carried out by trained technicians who can test the air and evaluate the causes and remedies for any contaminants found in the compressed air system. 

Two Levels of Testing are Available:

  1. Using MSA detector tubes to check for water vapor, oil vapors, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and an oxygen monitor for oxygen deficiency.
  2. Taking a sample of the air in a cylinder and having it analysed by a BOC laboratory.

A certificate is issued with each Air Quality Test, detailing the results and any corrective action that may be required. Air tests are able to be carried out on high pressure systems up to 350 bar and on low pressure systems from 4-16 bar. Air Quality Testing should be done wherever personnel are using any form of breathing air equipment.

An assessment on the correct and safe setup and operation of any breathing air application can be carried out by SYSTAG, to ensure the safety of all personnel involved in this area.